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Bombing Radio Al Quds

"The IDF [sic] struck the 11-storey Shawa and Housari Building in the early morning of November 18 with at least three missiles hitting near the base of a large antenna tower on the roof. Some of the munitions entered the office below, wounding seven staff members from the private Quds TV station, including a cameraman who lost his right leg below the knee. The office of Quds TV, a Lebanon-based satellite channel with a pro-Hamas editorial line, was badly damaged. The antenna tower on the roof above the office, which belonged to the official radio station of Islamic Jihad, al-Quds Radio, remained standing."

Rachel & Tom

 "I hit an object..."

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Targeting journalists

The Al-Shuruq Media Building, which houses Sky News, al-Arabiya news network, Dubai TV and al-Aqsa TV offices, was targeted on the early hours of the 18th of November, wounding two journalists.

From Israel to Palestine

"Child soldiers, child labourers, child prostitution and trafficking, the list is unending -extends from one country, culture, clime, or continent to the next. We see Palestinian children donning guns and sacrificial bandanas in Hamas rallies, and then we turn around and we see Israeli children writing notes on bombs as they are to be dropped on Lebanese children. This spiral of madness has no origin, no end.

As Christians around the world celebrate the birth of one Palestinian child, the Jesus of Nazareth, the Prince of Peace, the world at large must stand still and reflect - for far beyond any given culture or religion something is deeply rotten in a world that kills its own children. The ideological battle lines, the political partisanship, the civilisational divides all fade and disappear in light of a far graver calamity that the world faces." 

Hamid Dabashi - Joy to the world: A child is born!

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Recommended: On rockets and ceasefires

"For conflict pauses of different durations (i.e., periods of time when no one is killed on either side), we show here the percentage of times from the Second Intifada in which Israelis ended the period of nonviolence by killing one or more Palestinians (black), the percentage of times that Palestinians ended the period of nonviolence by killing Israelis (grey), and the percentage of times that both sides killed on the same day (white). Virtually all periods of nonviolence lasting more than a week were ended when the Israelis killed Palestinians first. We include here the data from all pause durations that actually occurred.
Thus, a systematic pattern does exist: it is overwhelmingly Israel, not Palestine, that kills first following a lull. Indeed, it is virtually always Israel that kills first after a lull lasting more than a week."

Nancy Kanwisher - Reigniting Violence: How Do Ceasefires End? (2009)

"In doing the analysis on the 2011 numbers, I took data on Palestinian projectile launches and Palestinian casualties from Israeli projectile launches and analyzed them to understand the relationship between the two. Here, let’s look at the same for the first nine months of 2012. In the chart the red line signifies Palestinian casualties, which are injuries or deaths, as a result of Israeli fire in the Gaza strip.

The picture that emerges from all of this can be summed up as follows:

1) the bulk of projectile fire from Gaza occurs as part of peaks or periodic spikes.
2) These spikes are invariably preceded by significant Palestinian causalities caused by Israeli fire.
3) Not all dramatic spikes in Palestinian casualties result in increased projectile fire from Gaza.

This tells us that, largely, the various factions in Gaza are restraining themselves and are not responding to every Israeli escalation. However, when members of militant factions outside of Hamas like the Popular Resistance Committee (PRC) and Islamic Jihad are targeted and killed, the factions then respond as was the case in moments 3 and 7."

The Jerusalem Fund - #Israel and #Gaza: Context Behind Projectile Fire (11/2012)

"In 2011, the projectiles fired by the Israeli military into Gaza have been responsible for the death of 108 Palestinians, of which 15 where women or children and the injury of 468 Palestinians of which 143 where women or children. The methods by which these causalities were inflicted by Israeli projectiles breaks down as follows: 57% or 310, were caused by Israeli Aircraft Missile fire, 28% or 150 where from Israeli live ammunition, 11% or 59 were from Israeli tank shells while another 3% or 18 were from Israeli mortar fire. Conversely, rocket fire from Gaza in 2011 has resulted in the death of 3 Israelis.
As you can see in the chart above, increases in the red line, which signifies Palestinian casualties, typically precede increases in the blue line, which signifies launches of projectiles from Gaza. This is particularly evident before the most significant spikes in the blue line. This suggests that Palestinian launches may be explained, in part, as a response to Israeli projectiles which kill or injure Palestinians.

To understand the effect of this, I ran the numbers through a statistical analysis to understand the individual effects one day's Palestinian casualties had on the next day's launches. What I found was that both Palestinian injuries and deaths were significantly and positively correlated with launches. Palestinian deaths from Israeli projectiles into Gaza led to a 22% increase in rocket launches the following day, Palestinian injuries led to an additional 4% increase.

Absent the upsurge of launches that occurs after Palestinian casualties inflicted by Israeli projectiles, projectiles from Gaza are few and far between. The three Israelis who died as a result of Palestinian projectile fire died during periods of upsurge provoked by preceding Israeli projectile fire into Gaza. In fact, 75% of launches from Gaza came during these upsurges provoked by Israeli fire.

Israeli fire into Gaza, however, is not statistically correlated with the previous day's launches.

This suggests that it is the Israelis and not the Palestinians who, through their capacity to actually inflict high casualties with their projectiles, control escalation in cross border dynamics. While all launches from Gaza cannot be explained as responses to Israeli fire, most of them are."

The Jerusalem Fund - Half the story: What @IDFSpokesperson leaves out about #Gaza (2/2012)

Monthly distribution of rockets hit

Monthly distribution of mortar shells

The graphs show that the total number of rocket and mortar attacks shrank from 245 in June to 26 total for July through October, a reduction of 97 percent. Even this was not enough for Israel, which violated the truce by imposing a terror-famine in Gaza for most of these months. But despite these violations, Hamas refrained from launching rockets until Israel definitively cancelled the truce on the night of 4-5 November by sending an Israeli commando squad into Gaza, where it killed six Hamas members. Hamas responded with 30 rockets.

Jim Holstun and Joanna Tinker - Israel’s fabricated rocket crisis


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Israel Occupation Forces loves journalists...

De hace unos días, pero relevante...

IDF soldiers assault two Reuters cameramen in Hebron 

Soldiers forced the cameramen to leave their vehicle, punched them, striking them with the butts of their guns, as well as forcing them to strip. 

[...] Yousri Al Jamal and Ma'amoun Wazwaz said a foot patrol stopped them as they were driving to a nearby checkpoint where a Palestinian teenager had just been shot dead by an Israeli border guard.

Their car was clearly marked 'TV' and they were both wearing blue flak jackets with 'Press' emblazoned on the front.

The soldiers forced them to leave the vehicle and punched them, striking them with the butts of their guns. They accused them of working for an Israeli NGO, B'Tselem, which documents human rights violations in the occupied West Bank, the Reuters cameramen said.
The soldiers did not let the men produce their official ID papers and forced them to strip down to their underwear, making them kneel on the road with their hands behind their heads, the cameramen said.

Two other Palestinian journalists working for local news organizations, including a satellite television station affiliated to the Islamist group Hamas, were also stopped and forced to the ground.

One of the soldiers then dropped a tear gas canister between the men and the IDF patrol ran away. The four journalists scrambled clear and Jamal and Wazwaz got to their car, which had rapidly filled up with tear gas, they said.

They tried to drive away, but said they only got around 200 metres before they had to stop and exit the vehicle because of the choking gas. The soldiers then fired more tear gas in their direction. 
Source: Haaretz

"This was my room"

Fahami sitting in the debris, in what used to be his room in the house next to Al-Dalou´s family building in Gaza City. On November 18th, the building where the Al-Dalou family was living was bombed by Israeli planes, killing 12 people (all 10 members of Al-Dalou family that were inside the building - including 4 children -  and 2 neighbours). This was the first time Fahami visited his home after being destroyed during the last bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Christmas´ Eve

Cena de Nochebuena en Gaza City

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Offtopic: Merry Christmas!!

Me llena de orgullo y satisfacción poder compartir este video con tod@s vosotr@s en estas fechas tan señaladas ... (aparte de por la oportuna temática del video, por el  título de la canción - y es que anoche twitter era un hervidero de rumores sobre el (no) asesinato de dos palestinos en el "Buffer Zone" y el supuesto comunicado de las brigadas Al-Quds de la Jihad Islámica de considerar finalizado el alto el fuego y comenzar el lanzamiento de cohetes contra Israel... "We´re gonna die, we´re gonna die, we´re gonna die alooooone" XD)

Y esta noche... discurso del rey o video de las brigadas Al-Qassam?? Mmmmm...

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Offtopic: Indonesia

Al Jazeera - Indonesia´s Killing Fields

John Pilger - The New Rulers of the World

The Seed Keepers: A Recital

Burn our land
burn our dream
pour acid onto our songs
cover with sawdust
the blood of our massacred people
muffle with your technology
the screams of all that is free,
wild and indigenous.
our grass and soil
raze to the ground
every farm and every village
our ancestors had built,
every tree, every home
every book, every law
and all the equity and harmony. 

Flatten with your bombs
every valley; erase with your edits
our past,
our literature; our metaphor. 

Denude the forests
and the earth
till no insect,
no bird
no word
can find a place to hide.
Do that and more. 

I do not fear your tryanny
I do not despair ever
for I guard one seed
a little live seed
and I shall safeguard
and plant again. 

Fawaz Turki 

Postcards from Gaza Port