lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

Dispatches: Gaza - The Killing Zone (2003)

Although the documentary should be called "Me, myself and I (in Gaza)" and the political discourse is quite mediocre - it was produced for Britain´s Channel 4 - , it has very good footage of Rafah in 2003. 

Some notes on the two photos seen at 21:30 in Al Wafa Hospital: They were two nurses, Abdul Karim Libad (21) and Umar Saad ad-Din Hassan (21) murdered by an Israeli sniper on February 2003, while they were in a room caring for a patient, a 14 year old boy called Yousef. Yousef had been injuried so severely by the shrapnel of a tank shell that the doctors pronounced him dead at the hospital. His father went to the morgue to see the body when he noticed him move. He was paralyzed due to the injuries sustained on his nervous system and had shrapnel embedded in his head. He was in Al Wafa Medical Rehabilitation Center when Israeli forces stormed a house in front of the hospital. The two nurses were lifting him into bed when they were shot by a sniper positioned in the house. A single bullet went through both bodies, making them fall over Yousef, who, unable to move because of his injuries, was trapped by both bodies until some other staff members went to help him. He was so traumatized by the event that he could barely speak afterwards.
More info here, here and here.

Thanks to J. for sharing the story.

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