sábado, 12 de enero de 2013

Gate of the Sun Village

Así es como se "liberan espacios" en Palestina...

Photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org
Yesterday morning, around 250 people from different Popular Committees all over Palestine, established themselves in a plot of land near East Jerusalem, creating a new village named “Bab Alshams” (Gate of the Sun - after Elias Khoury´s novel). The group released the following statement:

"We, the sons and daughters of Palestine from all throughout the land, announce the establishment of Bab Alshams Village (Gate of the Sun). We the people, without permits from the occupation, without permission from anyone, sit here today because this is our land and it is our right to inhabit it.

A few months ago the Israeli government announced its intention to build about 4000 settlement housing units in the area Israel refers to as E1. E1 block is an area of about 13 square km that falls on confiscated Palestinian land East of Jerusalem between Ma’ale Adumim settlement, which lies on occupied West Bank Palestinian land, and Jerusalem. We will not remain silent as settlement expansion and confiscation of our land continues. Therefore we hereby establish the village of Bab Alshams to proclaim our faith in direct action and popular resistance. We declare that the village will stand steadfast until the owners of this land will get their right to build on their land."

Source: PSCC 


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