viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

Hanin Tafish - 10 months old

Khaled lights the room of his daughter Hanin (10 months old), killed on November 15th. Hanin was sleeping when a bomb dropped from an F-16 fell close to their house in Zeytoun neighbourhood. The resulting debris from the explosion hit the corrugated metal roof, which collapsed over her. She would later die in the hospital because of her wounds. The photo at the bottom-right corner of the frame was taken one day before Hanin was killed.

Khaled points to the stains of Hanin´s blood on the wall close to her bed. Also seen is the damage that the falling roof and debris caused to the wall. 

Crater created by the bomb dropped from an Israeli F-16, a few meters away from Tafish family´s home.

Ahmed (11), cousin of Hanin, holding the unexploded drone missile that hit the roof of their house.

Ahmed showing the scar on his back that resulted from the bombing.

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