miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

Mamdouh Mhana Mansour Al Kafarna

Mamdouh Mhana Mansour Al Kafarna (21) was working as a farm labourer near the border fence in Beit Hanoun, North Gaza Strip, when he was shot in the leg by Israeli soldiers. He was tending lemon trees with four friends when they saw an Israeli jeep and ran away from the place. After a while, they came back and resumed their work. It was then when a soldier hidden behind some trees opened fired directly at him and wounded his leg, making him fall to the ground. Due to the gunfire, his companions had to run away, leaving him behind. When the firing stopped, Mamdouh saw how the Israeli soldiers, wearing camouflage outifts, crossed the fence into Palestinian land. Fearing he was going to be taken to Israel or even killed, he stood up in spite of his wounds and ran to safety. He was taken to Beit Hanoun Hospital for teatment.

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