domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

Kamil and Hosam Al-Kafarn

On the 14th of February 2013, Kamil Adham Al-Kafarn (20) was scavenging construction materials near Erez crossing in the north of Gaza Strip. He and his cousin Hosam were working in the area with permission from the Israeli authorities when they were shot by an Israeli sniper. The bullet entered through the right  part of his torso, and damaged his stomach, diaphragm and liver. The doctors believe that due to the damage inflicted upon his internal organs, he will never fully recover.

Hosam Al-Kafarn (21) was wounded along with Kamil when they were scavenging construction materials near Erez. The first bullet hit his right hand, and a second one wounded his left arm. He will need to undergo surgery due to the damage sustained to his bones.

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